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You will receive access to a lot of data regarding our assets, secured receivables and investments carried out.


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In Europpa you can invest your own funds by lending them to us, taking part in auctions in which we describe illustratively some of our assets and mortgage-secured receivables. Thanks to this, as an investor, you gain a better understanding of our activities. We do not conduct fundraising for entrepreneurs and we do not act as intermediaries in obtaining financing for them. We use the funds obtained for current operational activities.



Before you invest, read the "Questions and Answers" section, especially the "Risks related to investing" tab, view the statistics of our repayments. Since the beginning of the Europpa website, the repayment rate of our loans has been 100%, but remember that the funds you lend us are not covered by the Bank Guarantee Fund. After clicking the "Invest" button, you will receive confirmation of the investment, then pay the declared amount to the DFI Filar account.


The profit from your investment will be paid to you every month

Depending on the conditions of a given auction, you will receive a fixed amount once or monthly. You also have the option to sell your "shares" before the investment period ends. For this purpose, your "shares" will be put up for sale again. All delays in repayment of installments over 3 days are registered and create a permanent loan repayment history and are made public to users, so that you have a full picture of whether repayments are made on time.


The funds you invest are allocated to current operating activities, including the investment activities of DFI Filar.


We secured most of our assets and receivables on real estate, this is important to us.


If you have any questions, we are at your disposal from Mon. until Fri. at 9.00 - 17.00.

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