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Browse investment offers. Thanks to our partners – credit advisers from the entire Poland, we often place new, well protected offers.


Choose the loan offer and amount you wish to invest

You will receive an access to many verification data concerning incomes, business plan, plan of repayment, and details of the security – real estates, along with estimated comparative evaluation. In terms of formal and legal, the notary and legal office carries out verification. Offers with icon of shield indicate that we guarantee investment return in case of failure. More in FAQ section.


Agreement Concerning the Transfer of Ownership to the loan

When you click on selected loan, you will receive an Agreement Concerning the Transfer of Ownership to the loan, you will be asked to deposit declared amounts on the Europpa account, and if Europpa already paid funds to the borrower, occurs in the first line as a formal creditor and transfers property rights to the loans for investors. This is a comfortable solution, due to possibility of earlier selling shares in the loan [more about earlier selling shares of the loan]. Europpa acts as the administrator of mortgage security. In investments more than 50% of involvement per one loan, investor has a possibility of direct entry as the creditor in 4th section of the land register (mortgage) or in 2nd section of the land register (temporary transferring the ownership of real estate at the time of loan – mortgaging under security).


Profit from your investment will be paid monthly

on dedicated sub-account in Alior Bank. We also provide a possibility of reselling shares before the end of investment period. For that purpose your shares will be relisted for sale. All delays of more than 30 days are recorded and create long-lasting loan history and shall be public.


In case of failure of the loan, investment is well secured with the real estate, therefore your money is safe.


If you want, we will help you to fill out a declaration of Corporate Income Tax 3, tax is 1% of invested amount.


We will help you at every stage of your investment, we will instruct and advise you. A dedicated adviser is at your disposal from Mon. to pt in hours 9.00 - 17.00.

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