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The operator of the Europpa website is DFI FILAR Sp. z o. o. based in Gdynia (full name, address, operator details in the "Contact" tab at the bottom of the page).

Our group consists of professionals united by a common passion - the development of a unique platform of investments secured by real estate. Analysts, financiers, bankers, lawyers, credit advisors... Together with our partners we create
We have participated in concluding several hundred agreements for financing various projects, we have established mortgage security both in the private sector and while working for banks.
Our community is constantly growing, our statistics present the current number of registered users.

In our daily operational activities, we have contact with credit advisors, developers, real estate agents and entrepreneurs, thanks to them our assets and receivables are well secured by real estate. We describe some of them in individual auctions so that you can have a broader view and better understand the essence of our business.

Our goal is also to attract regular investors, both smaller and strategic ones. In the future, we plan to expand our area of operation to include additional European countries.
Security in the form of a mortgage is simply a limited property right established on a given property. The mortgage is entered in Part IV of the Land and Mortgage Register kept by the competent court.
This is one of the best and effective security measures. Even if the property is sold, the mortgage does not expire and the buyer becomes a debtor in kind.
The vast majority of DFI Filar's assets, in the form of receivables, are secured in this way.
In contrast to civil agreement, the agreement in a form of Act, concluded in the presence of notary guarantees signed national seal with a judicial force. In the agreement we conclude also Paragraph 777 of the Code of Civil Procedure, constituting immediately and unconditionally submission to enforcement of property in case of the lack of repayment. The borrower is also obliged to sign the bill of exchange.

A properly established mortgage gives us the opportunity to have priority over other creditors from the mortgaged property.

Thanks to the notary contract both parties feel safe, the notary shall also fill an application to the court to establishment the mortgage in 4th section, 3th section or entry in 2nd section - assign the security - for the duration of loan.
We cooperate with many institutions:
- cooperation with credit and financial consulting
- cooperation with notarial offices
- cooperation with investment funds and investors
- cooperation with the law firm
- recovery and bailiffs activities
You must be log on. Click in "details of the loan" and in "invest". Next enter the amount that you want to invest and determine the interest rate. More you can find in the investor zone. If you need help ask us a question by, call our helpline from 9.00 - 17.00, telephone: 801 501 507 or 536 800 270.
The main areas of allocating funds from DFI Filar (Europpa) Investors are real estate trading and brokerage, corporate loans secured most often by mortgages, and receivables, other projects.
In each auction, we set a different interest rate, depending on the duration of the loan and our needs.
Additionally, we include bonuses and affiliate programs. A few years ago, record holders achieved rates of return of up to 21%.
It is an investment technique that involves dispersing investment funds into a larger number of loans and investments. Read more in the "Investing risks" section.
By investing on our website, DFI Filar becomes the borrower, and the investor becomes our creditor. The descriptions presented in the auctions are for illustrative purposes only. We want you to better understand the essence of our business and become familiar with the assets, projects and receivables we have.
We dont charge commission from the investor.
Private person or institution can become an investor. You must be at least 18 years old and accept the terms and conditions.
Any entrepreneur can apply for a loan. The condition is a positive completion of the verification procedure, appropriate security and a realistic, approved repayment plan.
The loan is granted directly by DFI Filar. We include some of the loans granted in auction descriptions as illustrating our receivables.
We do not conduct fundraising for entrepreneurs and we do not act as intermediaries in obtaining financing for them.
In the descriptions we present some of our investments, assets and secured receivables. Their value is similar to the amounts offered in auctions.
We believe that by presenting our receivables we are actually revealing the essence: In the event of any problems with repayment (which may happen), will we be able to count on something more than a promise of repayment? As you can see, our investments described in the auctions are diversified. The sum of the amounts borrowed from Investors is comparable to the sum of the values of the presented assets. In our opinion, this information is helpful to the Investor because we show an approximate balance of amounts between loans and assets.
Judge for yourself...
Yes. Let us know if you wish to sell your shares early. We will offer your loan rights to other Europpa users, as stated in the regulations. If we resell the loan rights on the secondary market, we will charge a 3% commission.
In order to receive the loan, please contact our agent:
1. Over the phone a preliminary loan conclusion will be drafted; you will be asked to prepare appropriate documents
2. Analysis of the real estate in terms of security, liquidity of real estate, preliminary comparative valuation
3. Analysis of the loan purpose, idea for repayment, probability in appearance of problems with the repayment
4. Analysis of incomes, business plan
5. Formal-legal analysis with participation of the law firm and notarial
6. Presentation of loan terms and conditions
7. Meeting with the borrower, empirical verification, additional security analysis ? real estates, setting the date of signing the notarial deed
8. Signing the notarial deed along with loan agreement. Real estate insurance against fire and fortuitous events
9. Only after appearing of mention concerning the loan in the land register, a payment of the loan is conducted by DFI FILAR SP. Z O.O.
"Advance Payment for Real Estate Sellers" is, apart from "Advance Paid Lease", one of two products created by DFI PILAR for real estate agencies.

This is a financial injection intended for entities putting the property up for sale. Thanks to this solution, you can gain time to sell at the expected price and prepare the property. A seller can meet his or her immediate financial needs almost immediately after listing the property for sale.

This type of financial solutions are very popular and often used in other European countries and the USA.

Another advantage is the flexible return date, only after the property has been sold. Interest rate starting from 0.65% per month (calculated only for the period until the sale of the property). Sales are carried out through regional real estate agencies

DFI FILAR is the first Polish financial institution implementing this type of contracts.

The product information brochure can be found at the following address (copy and paste):
There are many factors, including:
- Careful verification of projects in terms of content
- Security granted on real estate entered in Part IV, III or II of the K.W.
- In the case of a loan, the amount paid does not exceed 50% of the value of the property.
- Real estate (buildings and premises) is insured against fire and accidental events.
- The loan agreement contains the provisions of par. 777 K.C. - submission to enforcement against all assets.
- Additional guarantors, always with the provisions of par. 777 K.C.
- Allocation of funds: We also invest in attractive receivables and real estate transactions.

However, remember that investments involve certain risks. Read more in the "Investing risks" section
In short:
The profitability of investors in is 100%.

Since the beginning of the platform's operation, we have organized approximately many loan auctions, in each case the principal and the due interest have been repaid in full, this applies to auctions both with and without a shield symbol.

Investor repayment statistics can be found at the bottom of the first page of our website.

DFI PILAR SP. Z O.O. grants approximately 35 secured loans annually. We describe some of them on the platform. We demonstrate that the funds entrusted to us by investors are actually reflected in our loan assets, symbolically binding them.
In total, we have approximately 45 loans open.

Here are the features that help with repayment:
- Solid loan security.
- Direct verification of the property, borrower, income and repayment plan.
- Quick granting of a loan from the funds of DFI FILAR SP. Z O.O. (companies with good repayment prospects).
- Involvement of a law firm and a notary.
- Soft and hard debt collection.
- Property sureties, and par. 777 CC.

However, remember that investments involve certain risks. Read more in the "Investing risks" section
In case of security in the 2nd section of land register, the borrower cannot sell property, since we are entered as a temporary property owner until repayment.

In case of security in the 4th section of land register, the notary is obligate to inform the buyers about a debt recorded on the mortgage. The buyer based on promissory note issued by Europpa, shall cover the entire amount along with due interest. Total repayment is followed by a removal from the land register.
1. All over the world, loans secured by real estate are the best repaid, and such loans mainly secure our loan assets.
2. We don't take risks. We do not invest with uncertain security or without a realistic repayment plan.
3. We are diversified. We invest in many good projects with good security.
4. We also deal with real estate brokerage, service and trade, we have our own brand, which brings us additional profit.
5. We only accept funds from Investors that we are sure are covered by our assets, secured receivables and investments.

Thanks to this, we have been repaying our investors 100% since the beginning - since 2015. Your good opinion is extremely important to us.
At the time of conclusion loan agreement, the borrower undertakes to insure the real estate constituting the security to minimum amount of mortgaging. Insurance is provided with the transfer. In case of occurrence that greatly reduce the value of property, the insurance policy shall be transferred to Europpa (DFI FILAR SP. Z O.O.). If after damage, the property will not meet the criteria security, we can terminate the agreement or to continue the loan agreement in a current or changed form.
Such a scenario must also be taken into account. It is necessary to emphasize that in every case we are protected thanks to regulations in the land register in 4th or 2nd section that guarantees return no matter what. One should also remember about collaterals in section III and sureties, the rigors of par. 777...

In case of misfortunes related to the borrower or borrowers company, similarly as by the real estate, it is possible to apply insurance (e.g. in the event of death, liquidation of the company, etc.). Applying insurance in such cases is analyzed individually.
Everyone can experience a "small slip" in repayment, we understand that. We try to treat our borrowers as partners, which is why in the initial phase we only use a reminder. If the installment is not repaid, we have the right to terminate the contract, but if the borrower is willing to cooperate, we try to find another solution. Sometimes, however, debt collection procedures are initiated and the loan agreement is terminated. The last resort is to sell the property in order to meet our receivables in an emergency. Europpa (DFI PILAR) coordinates debt collection activities or, possibly, the debt resale process.

Possible scenarios in the event of default:
- determining the possibility of returning to regular installment repayments (e.g. annexing the loan agreement, etc.)
- rollover of the obligation. In this case, our LTV (the ratio of the loan granted to the value of the collateral) often allows us to sell shares to other financial and lending institutions that allow for greater risk.
- sale of real estate in consultation with the borrower, where we try to obtain the highest possible price. The surplus, of course, stays with the borrower.
- if the debtor does not cooperate, we can also forcefully sell the property. The notarial loan agreement (with mortgage security in Part IV of the Commercial Code) includes a provision on immediate submission to enforcement against the real estate and other assets of the company (Paragraph 777 of the Commercial Code). This activity should be performed through a bailiff in the form of an auction.
- in the case of security in Part II of the K.W. i.e. temporary transfer of ownership for security, we have the right to immediately sell the property without the mediation of a bailiff. In both cases, the surplus is returned to the borrower. It should be emphasized that these are final solutions that we will use ONLY in the absence of proper cooperation from the debtor and if other methods fail.

Please remember that the maximum interest allowed by law is charged for delay. Currently, it is 22.5% per annum. If there are additional costs of debt collection (legal, bailiffs, etc.), they are also covered by the debtor.

According to our experience to date, a well-secured loan does not result in a loss for the investor.
Verification is carried out in a few stages: internal and notarial-legal in accordance to the following scheme:
Europpa - Law Firm - Europpa (ultimate approval) - Notary.

We shall take the responsibility for possibly mistakes resulting in damage and arising from the fault of Europpa. Notarial office and legal are also insured for such a case.
From 5 October 2023, the maximum interest on overdue payments is 22,5% per year.
Europpa operates based on the provisions of the Act on Freedom of Economic Activity and the Civil Code.
The activities of the platform are regulated by provisions generally applicable in the EU.
An investor who is a natural person is covered by the provisions of the Personal Income Tax Act, i.e. PIT. Income resulting from cooperation with Europpa, i.e. capital gain (in other words, interest earned by the Investor), is subject to taxation.
Interest is subject to a flat-rate tax of 19% and must be disclosed in the PIT-38 tax return.
If you are visiting our website for the first time or your knowledge of the risks associated with investing on a scale from 1 to 10 is equal to or less than 9, please read the entire content of this tab. Your investment awareness obtained from this information will allow DFI Filar to assume that you are an informed investor during the process of our cooperation. In Poland, the regulator responsible for monitoring compliance with the law by financial market entities is the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF). If you have any doubts or what you read on our website raises doubts, you can always use the publications available at There you will find extended analyzes related to the concept of investment risk, which will deepen your knowledge and dispel doubts. Since you want to become our investor, we will not formulate our thoughts, which for the needs of the financial market are contained in the publications of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, hence we will use quotes from one of the publications titled "General principles of investment" by prof. Ph.D. Krzysztof Jajuga. Here are some tips from this publication:
“You should invest carefully at first. It is also good to invest "dry", on paper, for some time at the very beginning and see what results it gives.
“The following important rule should be remembered: The higher the risk of an investment, the higher the yield on that investment should be.”
“Highly risk-averse investors prefer to invest in low-risk or risk-free instruments, such as government bonds. In turn, investors with low risk aversion prefer investing in risky instruments, for example shares.
“Every investor should certainly be advised to limit emotions, resist euphoria and market panic, not to be influenced by popular opinions and rumors, and to use professional sources of information.”
One conclusion can be drawn from this list of quotes: if you are afraid of risk and want to have a guarantee based on a payment from the Bank Guarantee Fund, you should abandon this website and deposit your funds in a bank. Then your risk is completely eliminated.
If, after reading the above-mentioned rules, you decide to cooperate with us, remember to diversify your investments and never put everything on one card. Have some savings in the bank, some in your wallet, some in our loan. Although in the history of our business there has never been a case of a dissatisfied investor among lenders, we as DFI Filar do not want you to be such an investor.

Your loan is a direct relationship between DFI Filar as a borrower and you as a lender. It is DFI Filar that borrows money from you at interest and declares its return. You can trust us or not.
Our contractual relationship can be reduced to a situation in which your colleague from a new job wants to borrow PLN 1,000 from you. Likewise, when borrowing from DFI Filar, be careful and think about whether you want to take the risk. At the same time, remember that when lending to DFI Filar, we have various secured assets and receivables, including mortgages on our debtors' real estate, and as your debtor, we have assets that allow us to settle accounts with you. Your colleague from a new job may not have such protections.

We hope that we have encouraged you to explore investing issues and the knowledge you have acquired from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority publications has allowed you to become an informed investor.
Invest only amounts that will allow you to maintain your current standard of living.

Despite the good repayment history of our Investors so far, described in our statistics (at the bottom of the first page of, the market situation may change and something may go wrong. Do not invest strategic amounts.

DFI Filar, as your debtor, conducts its operational activities based on assets secured by real estate, receivables, and owns its own real estate.

Take into account that the time required to seek repayment of the debt is unpredictable, enforcement against real estate or other collateral often takes 1-2 years or even longer.
Interest on past due debt is currently 22.5%.
Given the current economic conditions, it is relatively easy to find a general buyer for an attractive receivable, but if, for example, the property becomes less attractive, the economic situation declines, or other unforeseen difficulties appear, the amount offered for the receivable may decrease.

Of course, you can put your share up for sale on the platform, but there is no certainty of the price you will get, and the prospect of an indefinite period of time may outweigh the desire to obtain high interest for overdue payments.
You should only invest a small portion of your investment capital
before you decide to use our platform, and it's best if you set up your own
investments between several breeds of investments, not only in
A licensed investment advisor can advise you on investment matters.

We encourage you to review our statistics regularly.
If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact form or call.

We wish you successful investing!
DFI Filar acts as the borrower, and you are our Lender. As part of the contract concluded by us, a situation may arise in which you are dissatisfied with the service. Then submit a complaint by sending an e-mail to

We will respond to your complaint immediately to solve the problem. This will never last longer than 14 days.
Just remember that when agreeing to a loan, you do not have the right to withdraw from the contract, and only in the case specified in the Regulations, within 24 hours of ordering the loan and only after justifying the reasons for withdrawing the order, you can withdraw from the investment. After this date, we will not accept the resignation as effective. You can read more about consumer rights at, where you can deepen your knowledge in this area in the "Consumers" tab.