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We invest in mortgage-secured projects

Solid security enables us to achieve sustainable profits.

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and safe investment

We focused on safety of loans – mortgage security. The real estate is also insured against fire and random events.

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as the investor

We grant loans secured, mainly by mortgage, and we trade in real estate.

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Detailed analysis of applications

We devote a lot of attention to analysis. It isn’t just a security. Our law firm and notary take an active part in the verification process.

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Help with settling taxes

If you want, we can help you to settle the income tax. Our accounting department will deal with it.

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(from 09/2015 to 10/2023)


years of presence

Although the platform has been operating in its current form since the end of 2018, its origins date back to September 2015.



This is the number of active users on Europpa.eu. Many of you have been with us for years, investing regularly - thus giving us a real opinion.



This is the average annual profit achieved by Europpa.eu users, taking into account the period from the beginning of the platform's operation to September 2023. With affiliate involvement, the total profit could be up to 21%.


mln. PLN

This is the amount invested so far on Europpa.eu.
At the current stage of platform development, we do not offer auctions whose amount exceeds PLN 1,000,000.



This is the number of all loans placed on the Europpa.eu platform.
In total, over 300 loans were granted by us and our partners outside the platform.



This is the number of all loans with a guarantee of timely repayment (marked with a shield symbol) placed on the platform from the launch date to October 2023.



This is the number of loans without a guarantee of timely repayment and redemption (without a shield symbol), placed on the platform, from the beginning to September 2023. All of them have already been repaid and closed. We have not been offering these for 3 years now.



We focus on investments that properly secure the invested capital along with interest.
97% of the loans granted by us are secured by real estate, 3% by other goods or assets.


repayment of investors

184 loans with a guarantee of timely repayment have been repaid on time since the platform was launched.
9 loans without a guarantee of timely repayment have already been repaid in full, but 15% of the installments were overdue. 3 days, the longest by 90 days (one case from 2020).


LTV ratio

We do not offer investments with a loan-to-value (LTV) ratio higher than 50%, unless there is other security, e.g. guarantors. Most disbursed loans range around 35% LTV.



Currently, there are no installments or any outstanding repayments to Investors. We have not taken out new loans without a guarantee of timely repayment for 3 years (without the shield symbol).



We have no dissatisfied investors. We take particular care of this parameter and will continue to do so for years to come.
Thank you and we invite you to stay longer :)

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