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Wait for the contact of our consultant

Our adviser will provide all conditions concerning cooperation and commission system. We will send you an agency agreement. Print it, sign and send us a scan of the agreement via e-mail or fax.


After sending the scan of agreement to us

you will already be able to add the loan request (if the matter is urgent you can conditionally receive an instant access to the system of adding applications, without sending the scan of agreement). Within 14 days or before payment of the first commission you must send us the signed original partner agreement.


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Fill your first loan application. After an initial analysis, you will receive a list of conditions necessary to start financing. Remember, there is a principle: who first will enter the client into the system, the one becomes an official beneficiary of the commission from future loan agreement.


After a positive final analysis...

Law firm along with the notary will prepare the loan agreement, which we will present to the borrower. After approval of conditions, we shall sign an agreement with the client in the notarial office.
Commissions are paid out immediately after confirmed mention in the land register in relation to granted loan ((usually 1-2 days from signing the loan agreement).

At any time you can log on and complete missing data concerning the given motion.

If you have any questions please contact us! We will help you to enforce the first loan application. We are at your disposal from Monday to Friday at 9.00am - 5.00pm.

Please visit "Questions and Answers", e-mall or call us. Terms of Europpa platform use are in detail described in the regulations.


We act in accordance with the Consumer Law [full text] and principles of good practices in communication with clients referred by the Conference of Financial Enterprises in 2015 [principles of good practices]. We pay a lot of attention to ethics in business.

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