Why is it worth investing in mortgage-backed loans?

Why is it worth investing in mortgage-backed loans?

Because it is safe. Any investment in social lending, concluded through the portal Europpa.eu is secured by mortgage. What does that mean? That absolutely every borrowed amount that the investor has put out is protected. Borrowers are companies with an accepted business plan. The property is a hedge for the investor and an incentive for the borrower to fulfil the contract. It is worth remembering that the mortgage security in the europpa.eu is as much as 300% of the borrowed amount. Every loan is therefore solidly secured and investors can sleep more peacefully.

If the security is not enough for you, you can choose an investment with a repayment guarantee – this is an additional hedge of your capital and profit – Europpa guarantees a quick repayment in case of borrower’s failure to meet the terms, the failure of the debt recovery activity.

Investing in mortgage-backed social lending is cost-effective

Investing in mortgage-backed social loans simply pays off. Europpa.eu offers a guaranteed profit of 12 to 21% per year. So the more you invest, the more you earn! You live your life and your money is cashing in. Effortlessly, without leaving your home. Conveniently! Is 21% a lot? If you invest 100 000 you can earn up to 21 000 zl! It’s a big amount you can reinvest - to earn even more!

Europpa.eu makes investing in social lending convenient

You can invest in social lending through europpa.eu without leaving your home. You can continue to lead your business, go on vacation with your family, or read your favorite magazine sitting in your own living room and... earn considerable money at the same time. Using Europpa.eu is friendly, the platform will help you settle your tax regardless of whether you are investing as an individual or a company. Having extensive experience in the area of secured corporate loans under