Where to invest money?

The fact that “money makes money” does not need to convince anyone. However, few of the ordinary citizens with budget surpluses are aware that they can also become investors. Where to invest money to earn?

How to invest money securely?

Thanks to the emergence and dissemination of social lending services in Poland, it is possible to invest even small amounts in the same way as banks do - legally, securely and above all granting loans in a profitable way.

Social lending services, which emerged in our country in 2008, associate natural persons with a surplus of capital, i.e. investors, with the needy - borrowers.

In this way, no bank earns by lending the money, but an ordinary natural person - without an intermediary. Investing money in mortgage-backed loans is possible through several social lending services, i.e. investing money in social lending.

Where to invest money to make it profitable?

Procedures related to investing money in social lending are very simple - just register in the service, select the borrower and make a transaction.

To borrowers, who undergo a verification it is somewhat harder to do so. A prospective borrower must confirm his/her data and bank account number, while the verification in the credit information offices (BIK, BIG, ERIF, etc.) is generally voluntary, but without it, there is practically no chance of obtaining cash. No wonder – This is the only way to get some knowledge of the solvency of the borrower, based on his/her credit history.

Unfortunately, even positively verified borrowers, sometimes simply cease to pay the liabilities and the investor awaits the true ordeal on the way to recovery – often ineffective.

Europpa.eu Social Lending Service combines the benefits of investing in social lending – a profit of 14-21% – involving the security that an investment in the real estate offers. So where to invest one’s money safely? It is worth considering the portals such as europpa.eu. Loans granted by means of this service are secured on mortgages of the borrowers’ property. The Europpa.eu cooperates with high-class finance specialists, analysts, lawyers and credit advisers. This distinguishes Europpa.eu against the background of the competition and makes investing in social lending become truly profitable and secure.

How to invest money in the portal europpa.eu?

Lending via Europpa.eu looks a little different from other services. The borrower’s application is verified by specialists and following the approval this service grants a loan, on which then collects funds among investors. Investors, who wish to be entered in the land and mortgage register must lay out a minimum of 50% of the funds requested by the borrower, however, not less than 50 thousand zlotys.

This does not mean that you cannot invest a smaller amount with a profit of 14 to up to 21% and the mortgage security included. This is just Europpa.eu, and not every investor, who separately figures in the land and mortgage register. It is no doubt that investing in social lending can be profitable as long as we approach the subject reasonably by choosing a service that offers security for our investment.