How to multiply money

Currently, there are many ways to multiply money on the Polish market. Deposits, savings accounts, stock exchanges and... Investing in Social Lending, but in those that are mortgage-backed. What does this mean for the investor? Security and adequate capital protection.

What is Europpa? is based on the already known mechanism of “social lending”, but innovation is solid, securing the loan in the form of real estate and it protects the invested capital - Here is the difference between Europpa and investing in ordinary social lending.

How investing in social loans secured with a mortgage be safe?

This is made possible by records dealing with the rigor of unconditional submission to enforcement through the lack of repayment. This entry shall be included in the contract in the form of an act. This ensures that payment appropriations are secured in the event that the loan is not repaid. Europpa also collaborates with specialists in the field of credit and financial consultancy, notary and debt collector’s offices.

Wondering how to multiply your money? Check your profits

By investing with a loan from Europpa you can expect high profits ranging between 12% and 21%. This is a percentage much higher than in case of deposits or other traditional methods of investing. An undisputed advantage is also the fact that loans are secured and the profit is guaranteed. The investor can choose an investment - a loan for the company, in which he/she will invest one’s money. The amount of the interest rate depends on how many investors applies for granting the relevant loan. Then the share of the investment is taken by the one, who has declared the lowest percentage. Both the company and the private individual can take part in such an investment. It is enough to be an adult and agree to the terms and conditions contained in the set of rules. If you continue to hesitate where to invest one’s money you should find out what advantages arise from investing together with Europpa.

How to multiply money together with Europpa?

Europpa is a solution with many benefits. This makes it a chance to revolutionize the investment market. Here are the advantages that you should choose to invest in:

-Loans are mortgage-backed, which entails a guarantee of recovering money with a profit,
-The loan security is up to 300%,
-High profit, up to 21% per year,
-Accessibility for practically everyone,
-Relatively fast return time,
-No additional commission for the Europpa Platform,
-Notary agreement allowing the recovery of the invested funds,
-Clear and transparent rules,
-A quick way to register and carry out the investment,
-The possibility to withdraw funds during the investment.

Europpa is a great solution for anyone, who wonders where to invest money.

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