How do I start investing in social lending?

This question is asked by each new investor, who although has somewhat familiarized himself/herself with the topic of social lending and knows that it is a very interesting alternative to multiply his/her capital. The Idea of social lending is very simple and if you want to start your adventure with investing in social lending, read this article to the end.

Let’s check out how social lending works and why it’s worth the interest. For example, we will take the platform, where you can invest in loans for companies, secured by mortgages.

Investing in social lending - where to start?

The first step to start your adventure with investing in social lending is to register on the website dedicated to social lending - Europpa. Once you have registered to start investing you have to click on “Loan Details” and then “Invest”. Specify the interest rate and specify the amount you want to invest.

Who can invest in social lending?

Basically everyone, you just need to be at least 18 years old and you will be able to get to know and accept the terms of service. You can register as both a private person and a company.

Europpa How it works?

Loans are most often financed by at least a few investors in the same europpas. This is due to the fact that the investor rarely wants or has the opportunity to invest in the entire amount of the loan. Loans that have many investors are called diversified loans. This way of investing is one of the most secure. Investment amounts distributed among many borrowers guarantee the smallest risk though they should be remembered. That has a very robust security in the form of real estate, so that the risk of investment failure decreases practically to zero. If you have doubts about in what loan you should invest, the icon of the shield that appears next to some loans will suggest to you on the web portal The shield means that the loan is well secured and Europpa guarantees the payment of the invested capital even if the loan fails. Simply put - when the borrower evades payment. In case of doubt - in terms of investment security - contact an advisor, who will advise you on the best solutions.

Europpa, a quick way for your earnings?

Social Lending is not a way to quickly enrich yourself. The whole procedure of investing and earning on them takes time. It is better to be patient and enjoy a stable profit than to risk as on the stock market! Social Lending guarantees a profit of between 12 and 21% in securing investments and guaranteeing repayment.

Additional safeguards Europpa - entry in Land and Mortgage Register

In a notarial loan agreement (with mortgage security in IV Division of Late and Mortgage Register) there is a record of the rigor of immediate submission to enforcement of the real property and other assets of the company (Par. 777, Civil Code). In the case of collateral in theII Division of Late and Mortgage Register , that is a temporary transfer of ownership under the security we have the right to sell the property without the bailiff’s participation. In both cases, the surplus is returned to the borrower.

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